Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stripes and snails

Well hello! I'm obviously still slacking on the blogging front, but I'll try to throw in a post here and there. Sadly, I made some ridiculous Cadbury-like creme eggs this weekend but had left my camera at Tim's, so they weren't documented. Also not that pretty, but I wrote down the recipe and since had inspiration for making them more egg-shaped (turns out freezing chocolate in plastic eggs doesn't really work)... so maybe there will be some post-Easter creme eggs (and a post) whenever my craving strikes again? And OH IT WILL.

dress, boots: Alloy; tights: We Love Colors; necklace: The Bumbling Bird on etsy

In other news, it is officially spring, as evidenced by the flowers and snails all around. High on the list of Weird Things Caitlin is Mildly Obsessed with: snails. I spent way too much time this morning taking pictures of the cute little guys and wishing that I had a macro lens.

A trail!

This is why I wear tights. Because I do not act like a lady when I'm wearing a dress. Tights make everything ok (especially if they are a bright color). I was crawling all over Tim's yard trying to get good angles.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An outfit and an update

Wow, I sure have been gone awhile! I'm sorry, but I'm not - real life has become kind of awesome and I feel like I'm going through a major period of self-discovery, as cheesy as it may sound, and I can't wait to come out on the other side with a better sense of self and what I want out of life. It's scary, shaking things up that I thought were just part of how things are, but it's really exciting too.

Honestly, I think that my recently-found sense of personal style helps with this a bit, too. Even if I'm still figuring out a lot of who I am, it's nice to be able to look in the mirror and see that I am a unique person with specific tastes, I am ME, and I need to be aware of that and make sure I fight for that when I am tempted to give into others' opinions of what is best for me.


So, while I'm making no promises to post more regularly for the time being, hopefully if/when I do come back for real it will be with a better sense of self and more of a sense of where I want this (and my life) to go.

And now... the many faces of Cait:

dress: H&M; shirt: Express (years and years ago); necklace: F21(?); tights: welovecolors; shoes: Doc Martens (here)

PS for anyone expecting a food blog - I DO plan on bringing that back too, once I get my life (and time) organized a bit more. I still love cooking and baking, I'm just having a bit of trouble blogging about it these days. Stay tuned!