Thursday, April 19, 2012

Outfit bits and pieces

I'm kind of phasing out my fancier camera, and I had some issues figuring out the self timer feature on my other camera this morn (don't worry - Google has since cleared things up for me). Thus - little self-portrait snaps of various pieces of my outfit.

I recently ordered this scarf, and while I love it, I can't quite figure out how to wear it. It looks nice in these photos, but the top/front looked awkward (the scarf is a little too short and my hair is a little too curly), so I took it off after the pictures. I guess I'll try again another day...

I am pretty excited about this new cardigan - it just came this week. It's a pretty spring pink-tangerine color, and it's a lovely light weight, perfect for San Francisco layering.

I kind of liked the juxtaposition of black and spring colors (this is the closest I get to pastels). What do you think?

details: wedges and cardigan: ModCloth; tank top and shorts: Express (old); tights: We Love Colors; scarf: Red Velvet

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maybe the best brunch ever

I never used to be a breakfast person, and I thought that brunch was just a terrible thing that forced breakfast up into my beloved lunch's time slot. And then - San Francisco changed everything. I started having weekly brunch dates with my friend Alex, and I discovered that brunch foods can be some of the most delicious. The biggest selling point for me was the fact that brunch is basically the one time it's totally acceptable to overindulge in three of my favorite things all at once - delicious food, coffee, and booze.

This week, Alex and I (along with her roomies, Carmen and Henry) tried a new place - Hair of the Dogpatch. It's actually a temporary popup inside of Yield Wine Bar over in the Dogpatch neighborhood (a place I never venture to). Oh my goodness, the trek was completely worth it.

 Alex and me   |   Carmen and Henry

For starters, I got to avoid breakfast-y foods entirely - the menu was an all-you-can-eat vegetarian tapas lineup.

menu, via my instagram

$20 got us all you can eat food and a mimosa each!
Mimosas came out first. They were a little more orangey than I like, but the fact that it was straight-from-the orange juice, no sugar added totally made up for it. Yum.

Next, lots and lots of food.

little bite-size salads
tortilla espanola - like a frittata with tons of veggies
patatas bravas
At this point I had finished my mimosa and started to order another, but the server offered up champagne with housemade syrups instead. Lemongrass ginger, lavender lemon, or strawberry rose. Umm, yes please!

mine - lemon lavender. very subtle but definitely delicious.
Alex got strawberry rose
After finishing everything but the tortilla/frittata, we got to order more of our faves. I got more pickled veggies (not pictured, but delicious - asparagus, carrots, ramps, and some root vegetables), and we split seconds of the flatbread and fried dates with chevre (also not pictured - they weren't much to look at but sure were tasty!). All in all, one of the best brunches I've ever had. If you're in SF, definitely go check it out. It's only temporary, so make it over in the next few months!!