Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainy Days

We had a rather dry winter in the bay area this year. Like... hardly any rain at all. And this is our "rainy season". It was both exciting and annoying when the rain finally picked up this month. We had another nice, sunny week last week, but it looks like we're in for more rain for the next week or so.

I love this ring from etsy, and it was perfect for the weather. I got a sunshiney one, too, but I'm a cloudy weather girl,
so I think I'll be getting more use out of this one.

The downside to the rain: riding my bike to and from work is terrible. I ended up taking Muni more.
This was one of the worst days, during the above-ground leg of my ride home.

My sunny yellow JoTotes bag, happily repelling rain from my things!
It seems like the east coast started getting spring just as our weather went downhill... How are things where you are?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modest Workwear

If I worked at a job that required me to dress professionally and modestly, this is what I imagine I would wear. It doesn't show off skin or curves, but I still get to wear fun shoes and bright tights. It was fun to dress a bit fancier than my usual casual A-line dress and boots or flats. Fancy Friday is the new Casual Friday!

dress: Gap (3 years ago); tights: We Love Colors; shoes: ModCloth (pre-employment)

What do you think? Do you work at a 'business casual' job? Could you get away with an outfit like this at the office?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainy Day | Pi Day

I've been feeling sick and tired for ages now (like... two months), but things are finally looking up, so let's just jump back in to real life, shall we? Today was nasty and rainy out, while the rest of the country is finally getting warm, sunny weather. But honestly I don't mind a bit of weather (we've had an awfully mild and dry winter). I did attempt to bike in to work this morning, though, and it was no good. Next time, muni instead!

I tried to look on the bright side. I just got a new, lovely bike pannier bag (from Po Campo - I'm in love with their company now!). While I don't have a rack to hang it on yet, it fit nicely on the front of the bike, and it kept all of my stuff completely dry. It's a bit small, so I'll probably get a second one once I get the whole rack thing figured out.

Muddy leg - long pants would have been a good idea.

rainy view from the office.
Once I changed clothes and dried off, I was rewarded with pie! Today was pie day (3/14), and ModCloth celebrated with not one but three rounds of pies at work! I managed to get some pictures of the ones at breakfast.

The covered pies are variations on egg/veggie/vegan savory pies, and I tried the frontmost pie, pineapple blueberry. Tasty! Apparently I missed Moroccan lentil pie at lunch, and I did get a little slice of vanilla flan pie in the mid-afternoon. Oh my!

(Apparently we got these at Peasant Pies in SF, if you're in the area and want some delicious pie!)