Thursday, November 17, 2011

My first guest post!

Woooo! Jenn, the founder of (which I've mentioned a few times), asked me to write a post on choosing annual goals (I'm on year two right now). Check the post out here!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A bit of news

Today I landed in Seattle (for the first time in my life, I believe). Tim is here for a conference, so I tagged along to make the most of my time off - free vacation days, if you will? But not for long! I have exciting news. I got a job and I start in just a week!

Honestly, it sort of caught me off guard - the interview process (phone screen -> on sites -> verbal offer) was less than three days long, and I was still thinking of starting in January... but they want me soon, and honestly, I think it's about time I get some routine back into my life.

I'm a little nervous about getting back into the 9-5(ish) world, relearning how to uphold all of the responsibilities of daily life while working 9 hours a day and finding time for friends and the hobbies I love so much. I feel absolutely ridiculous saying this, since almost everyone I know (including me, in the past) has to do this as a given in life. But I do know that reestablishing a routine can be way more difficult than maintaining one, and I think that there will be a bit of a shock during the first couple of weeks.

Despite that bit of worry, though, I am crazy excited. Like, driving-my-friends-crazy-by-telling-them-over-and-over-how-thrilled-I-am excited. The company is one I've been passively eyeing for awhile now, and as I got to know more about it through the interview process, it only exceeded expectations. Where I never felt like I fit in at my previous workplace, there is such a vibe around this office, both with the employees and the culture, that seems to be very me.

And as far as time management goes... I have definitely been slacking off in the productivity department, and I think that sometimes having more of a set routine can make it easier to work other things in around it. I feel a bit like a lazy bum sometimes lately, and I actually love the thought of early mornings, days filled with (fun? interesting? challenging?) work, evenings packed with happy hours or dinner out with friends, a bit of time devoted to my kitchen and sewing machine, and relaxing train ride commutes to balance it all out - and, of course, a good night's sleep after a full, exhausting day. (That last one is something that I definitely have trouble with given my current lifestyle.)

Oh, and did I mention that the job is in San Francisco? I will most certainly be moving back there asap! Woooo!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation part IX - Fall in Appalachia

Sorry for the delay once again! But this time I had a good reason - I'll update more on that once details are all settled. For now, the last travel post - fall leaves in my mom's neighborhood, where I spent most of my childhood, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. Also a bit of my sister's shih tzu Klaus and my mom's wild mutt Kinsey.

the house

Vacation part VIII - Family Visit in Tennessee

The final stop on my trip - Johnson City, Tennessee, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I escaped without an accent, if you're wondering :)

In the past I have made visits a little too long, but this one was only a few days, and I left feeling like I could have spent another day, which I think is the best way to do it. I'll be ready to go back whenever the next trip happens.

One of the best parts of my visit was seeing my longtime friend Meredith in person for the first time in years! I was too busy catching up to pull out my camera, but it was fantastic to see her. We had the joy of doing bar trivia (I was useless), late night cheese fries, and thrift shopping for her Halloween costume (adorable! right?).

Some things I did have my camera around for:

Mom at work (at the public library), with her computer featuring my nephew Evan.

Zoe, the cat I grew up with. She's getting old!

Mmmm - my first delicious Tennessee meal. Red Pig BBQ!! North Carolina style.
A salad on the side makes it healthy (??). In the back: large sweet tea, basically equal parts tea and sugar.
Sooooo good. The best in town, IMO.
Hannah and her friend Seth, noontime beers while I ate my bbq.

My mom stopped by after her half day at work!


Dinner! Cootie Brown's nachos. My favorite restaurant in the world
(and the one I worked at for several years in high school).
My pizza. The "Northern California". My family laughed at me for ordering that one.

Mom with her pizza.

The Acoustic Coffeehouse! The place to hang out in Johnson city.
Hannah, my mom's "other daughter" Sarah, and me. We look related, don't we?

Hannah and Sarah being lovey.

More food! Lunch at Barberito's. Yummm.

Soooo many burrito filling options <3

Some pictures of Hannah with her babe, Klaus.

Banana for Halloween! Inspired by Arrested Development.


Fall at the public library.

Some Appalachian mountains

One post to go! Fall foliage pictures from around my neighborhood to finish up the fall vacation series appropriately.

Quick update

I still have one vacation post to do - my visit to my mom and sister in Tennessee. I sort of dropped off with the posts. Readjusting to my odd routine has been more difficult than expected, but I'm finally getting there! I even made some RoR progress at the end of the week - hopefully helpful in my future career!

I decided last night that I am sick and tired of my mop of hair. It just doesn't do anything I want, and I really don't have the patience to do fancy things with it every day. Thus! I have a hair appointment in just a few hours, and I'm thinking of chopping it all off a la Audrey Tautou.

to this??
I honestly have no idea how I will look with short hair, but I just want a drastic change. Worst case, I'll knit and craft headbands to wear everyday until it grows out, but hopefully it'll end up looking cute! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vacation part VII - Baltimore

After New York, I flew to Baltimore to visit my (half) brother Jason, his wife Carrie, and their two little kiddos, Lillian and Evan. I hadn't seen Lillian in over a year, and this was my first time meeting 3-month-old Evan. My mom and sister drove up from Tennessee, so it was basically a family reunion. Lots of photos with the little guys!

mom and little Evan (with Evan's mom Carrie in the background)

Hannah and Lil

It's so cute seeing my mom with the little guys, since I obviously wasn't as conscious of it when I was that tiny.

My favorite. Look at that half-smile!

mom and smiley Evan 

Even though she's not blood related, my mom is the kids' "Nana"

Feeding time! awwwwww 

kids and their daddy