Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation part VIII - Family Visit in Tennessee

The final stop on my trip - Johnson City, Tennessee, where I spent the first 18 years of my life. I escaped without an accent, if you're wondering :)

In the past I have made visits a little too long, but this one was only a few days, and I left feeling like I could have spent another day, which I think is the best way to do it. I'll be ready to go back whenever the next trip happens.

One of the best parts of my visit was seeing my longtime friend Meredith in person for the first time in years! I was too busy catching up to pull out my camera, but it was fantastic to see her. We had the joy of doing bar trivia (I was useless), late night cheese fries, and thrift shopping for her Halloween costume (adorable! right?).

Some things I did have my camera around for:

Mom at work (at the public library), with her computer featuring my nephew Evan.

Zoe, the cat I grew up with. She's getting old!

Mmmm - my first delicious Tennessee meal. Red Pig BBQ!! North Carolina style.
A salad on the side makes it healthy (??). In the back: large sweet tea, basically equal parts tea and sugar.
Sooooo good. The best in town, IMO.
Hannah and her friend Seth, noontime beers while I ate my bbq.

My mom stopped by after her half day at work!


Dinner! Cootie Brown's nachos. My favorite restaurant in the world
(and the one I worked at for several years in high school).
My pizza. The "Northern California". My family laughed at me for ordering that one.

Mom with her pizza.

The Acoustic Coffeehouse! The place to hang out in Johnson city.
Hannah, my mom's "other daughter" Sarah, and me. We look related, don't we?

Hannah and Sarah being lovey.

More food! Lunch at Barberito's. Yummm.

Soooo many burrito filling options <3

Some pictures of Hannah with her babe, Klaus.

Banana for Halloween! Inspired by Arrested Development.


Fall at the public library.

Some Appalachian mountains

One post to go! Fall foliage pictures from around my neighborhood to finish up the fall vacation series appropriately.

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  1. Too bad we forgot to take pictures! Anyways, I'm loving Klaus' banana outfit, haha. So cute!