Friday, January 27, 2012

Blogging Motivations and Online Window Shopping

My blogging motivation definitely has high and low points, and lately I've hit a low again, as you may have noticed from the lack of posts. I'm once again reconsidering why I blog, since some of my initial reasons - primary sharing recipes and food photography - feel like a chore that I am never really in the mood for. Outfit photos have also become a hassle, as I'm now biking to work most mornings and usually don't look nice until after I arrive and clean myself up. I'm considering sharing more of the personal photos and news on facebook, since that seems to actually reach more people than my blog... but we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll share some online window shopping I've been doing lately, inspired in part by well-dressed coworkers.... and the fact that my job involves thinking about e-retail for most of my day.

First: boots. I have boots. Some would maybe even say too many (*cough*Tim*cough*). But I'm on this "out with the 'meh', in with the awesome" kick lately, trying to replace all of my just-ok clothes and accessories with things I love and actually want to wear. This means hopefully getting rid of my slouchy, falling apart boots and the heeled ones that aren't really comfortable enough to wear. To help with my quest, of course, a Pinterest board!

Some of my favorites:

I found this ring online and fell in love with it. I've been wanting to get more decent rings (the kind that won't turn green and stain my hands if I leave it on all day), and this one is beautiful. Turns out, though, I don't know my ring size, so I keep putting it off. Gorgeous, right?

I am in love with the pastry-inspired jewelry in this Etsy shop. It reminds me a lot of my macaron ring (I'm wondering if it's by the same artist), but there is so much more!


What have you been eyeing online these days? Any boot suggestions for me while I try to make up my mind?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January in photos - part 2

A bit more of my month! Now with more puppies!

The moon was just rising right above this - it looked amazing in real life.
Unfortunately, my hands weren't up to the task of holding my camera steady
enough to try out its HDR mode.
This. A couple blocks from my house several nights a week. !!!
I got Dulce de Loco (caramel with goat milk), and it was delicious.
How could it not be? 

My and Tim's new night light (from Target, although I can't find a link).
It's squishy and wireless/chargeable and so much fun.

At the office! Winston, all dolled up for CEO and cofounder Eric's birthday.
Most mornings there is a Blue Bottle coffee truck in place of the Creme Brulee Cart.
Some of the best coffee I've ever had.
Hand poured drip coffee (although I usually go for a capp).
PUPPY at work. His name is Gino and he's ten weeks old. Such a cutie. Oooooh I want one! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January in photos - part 1

Since I got my new camera last month, I've really enjoyed carrying it around all the time and taking quick shots of day to day things. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing a great job of posting them anywhere. I have most of a month to catch up on, so I'm going to divide it up over a few posts.

champagne with raspberries from my mostly low-key New Year celebration
Rosamunde's chicken cherry sausage with grilled onions and peppers. So good.
Sausage was followed up by a beer next door at Toronado. They had Dogfish 120, which Tim and I
had been searching for for years! Better than I had heard, and extra boozy
(somewhere between 15 and 20% alcohol, goodness!).
As hard as it is to get out of bed early, mornings are just about my favorite time of day.
The Castro, a few blocks from my home, during my daily commute.
It's pretty neat when I step back and think about living in the midst of this amazing neighborhood and landmarks.

Even a trolley! That morning was basically a "visit SF" poster.
A bracelet, sent from my brother and his family, which happened to show up when I was
wearing the perfect matching dress! 
My new favorite ring and sparkly nails left over from NYE. 
Another early morning, another fantastic view, this time looking east to the bay.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I can't wear yellow and black together without thinking I look like a bumblebee. Today I ditched the black tights (a little too much) for this pair, which I got from etsy a year or so ago and have never worn. A zillion people at work asked me about them, which made me even happier with my choice.

I seemed to put on a sassy face in some of these, included for your (and my) amusement.

You may recognize the dress from a few weeks ago. I promise I'll wear it without covering half of it up eventually, but I sure love my layers and am taking advantage while the weather allows.

dress: ModCloth; shirt: Gap; tights: Etsy; shoes: Blowfish from Ross

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Month in Review - December

A lot has happened in the last month! I've mentioned bits and pieces (moving, holidays), but here is a little photo summary of my December.

Moving day! Back on December 23. 

Moving in insanity. The dining and living rooms.
The kitchen and dining room
Moving into the bedroom 
A feather pillow basically exploded when I took its case off
Alex with her new camel necklace!
A happy corgi hanging out in the Castro on move in day (Tim and I really want a corgi someday).
Takeout from Mission Chinese - the best Chinese takeout, period. 
Christmas day!
It doesn't look like much, but every Christmas for the last few years I've made Chocolately Christmas Cafe au Lait, and my is it good!

I got myself some housewarming flowers, and they came with a pine garnish! Perfect, since moving foiled all of my plans to get a Christmas tree this year :/

I'm normally not at all a rose person, but I loved the yellow and orange combo on these.
Christmas morning breakfast - egg, cheese, and salami on herb slab (the best bread ever)

Breakfast date with Tim at Queen Malika
Crepes cooking! his: cheddar and apple; mine: swiss, turkey, and cranberry
We found Cheerwine all the way out here in California! Tim was reminded of childhood.
That's all for December. Sorry for the continued delayed posts :/