Friday, January 27, 2012

Blogging Motivations and Online Window Shopping

My blogging motivation definitely has high and low points, and lately I've hit a low again, as you may have noticed from the lack of posts. I'm once again reconsidering why I blog, since some of my initial reasons - primary sharing recipes and food photography - feel like a chore that I am never really in the mood for. Outfit photos have also become a hassle, as I'm now biking to work most mornings and usually don't look nice until after I arrive and clean myself up. I'm considering sharing more of the personal photos and news on facebook, since that seems to actually reach more people than my blog... but we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll share some online window shopping I've been doing lately, inspired in part by well-dressed coworkers.... and the fact that my job involves thinking about e-retail for most of my day.

First: boots. I have boots. Some would maybe even say too many (*cough*Tim*cough*). But I'm on this "out with the 'meh', in with the awesome" kick lately, trying to replace all of my just-ok clothes and accessories with things I love and actually want to wear. This means hopefully getting rid of my slouchy, falling apart boots and the heeled ones that aren't really comfortable enough to wear. To help with my quest, of course, a Pinterest board!

Some of my favorites:

I found this ring online and fell in love with it. I've been wanting to get more decent rings (the kind that won't turn green and stain my hands if I leave it on all day), and this one is beautiful. Turns out, though, I don't know my ring size, so I keep putting it off. Gorgeous, right?

I am in love with the pastry-inspired jewelry in this Etsy shop. It reminds me a lot of my macaron ring (I'm wondering if it's by the same artist), but there is so much more!


What have you been eyeing online these days? Any boot suggestions for me while I try to make up my mind?

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  1. I love that ring, too. I've been having the same urge to actually own rings that don't turn my fingers green, haha! I especially like the ones I've been seeing on Pinterest that have dark or even black stones (I might be a closeted mall goth).
    Happy pinning, as the site states! ;)