Sunday, February 1, 2015

Adios, January

I swear, January is always such a rough month. I suppose it's partially post-holiday stuff (getting back into work, routine, eating slightly healthier, etc)... and maybe a bit that I expect it to be bad so I notice every little thing. But regardless, this January lived up to my expectations, with lots of anxiety, a few blah sick days, not nearly enough sleep (not for any good reason, unfortunately), and a sick pup scare near the end (she's fine!).

But it wasn't all bad. Here are some of the highlights of the month.

I commissioned a portrait of Tumbles! I can't wait to get a hard copy to frame and hang up somewhere :D You can see some the artist's other work here.

Donut date with Tim! I'm actually not a huge donut person - at all - but they're so darn pretty and we very rarely get out, just the two of us, so it was fun all the same.

Weekly drinks with my buddy Alex (Tumbles tags along too).

We started puppy jr. high! Learning some tricks to get through these challenging teen months.

New makeup (plus, it works well with my refusal to spend more than 5-10 minutes on makeup in the morning).

Dog park sunset.

Tumbles started daycare - a teen pup is tough to have at work every day. Now I can get stuff done and she has tons of pals to play with on weekdays!

Another me-Alex-Tumbles date night. Dive bars are our fav.

Ended the month with a trip to the doggie ER for some vomiting that just wouldn't stop. Everything is ok, but it was a rough night! This is my 3:30am face.

Here's to a less stressful but still exciting February! Tim and I have a vacation planned for the end of the month (our first trip together since April 2013!!) so it should be a good one.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014: The final post

Oof, I took a lot of photos last year. This is the final portion, October through December. If you missed it, you can see parts one (January through June) and two (July through September).


I started the month with probably my roughest birthday ever (a combo of being super sleep deprived, up all night worrying about a sick pup, and work stress). I basically spent the day crying. It happens. This was the month that Tumbles began to become self-sufficient enough for me to do some normal hobbies again (eg. cook dinner occasionally!). Also, there was a corgi beach meetup and Halloween!


Tumbles met her half brother, Linus!

A post-beach bath :(

(We dressed up as each other.)


I took my first trip home to Tennessee (where I grew up) in three years. I got to bring Tumbles along! Then suddenly it was the holiday season.

Ready for her first flight!

Chilly layover.


Meeting my family's dogs for the first time.


Tumbles saw her first fall and (sort of) winter in Tennessee.


Visiting the library where my mom works.

She loved snow.

Tum + my sister Hannah.


YESSSS. Pulled pork sandwich and sweet tea.

Pretty east Tennessee.

Reunited post-travel.


Post-Thanksgiving dinner food comas.

I bought myself a fancy new raincoat just in time for some major rainy weather (I'm still in love with it).


I started getting pumped for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving ended.


Corgi playdates. Parties and get-togethers and houseguests and holidays. I sent my first ever holiday cards! Also lots of food.

(the card is from minted - it was a pretty painless first Christmas card experience! highly recommend.)


(these are all for Tumbles)

New years eve:


The good stuff.


And, that's it! I should probably do one of these every month (or week) if I want to keep this up. Major props if you made it through all that.