Saturday, January 21, 2012

January in photos - part 2

A bit more of my month! Now with more puppies!

The moon was just rising right above this - it looked amazing in real life.
Unfortunately, my hands weren't up to the task of holding my camera steady
enough to try out its HDR mode.
This. A couple blocks from my house several nights a week. !!!
I got Dulce de Loco (caramel with goat milk), and it was delicious.
How could it not be? 

My and Tim's new night light (from Target, although I can't find a link).
It's squishy and wireless/chargeable and so much fun.

At the office! Winston, all dolled up for CEO and cofounder Eric's birthday.
Most mornings there is a Blue Bottle coffee truck in place of the Creme Brulee Cart.
Some of the best coffee I've ever had.
Hand poured drip coffee (although I usually go for a capp).
PUPPY at work. His name is Gino and he's ten weeks old. Such a cutie. Oooooh I want one! 


  1. A creme brulee cart?!? That puppy!!!
    I'm so stoked that it's difficult to form full sentences ...

  2. Haha, yeah, it was an exciting week or two! Unfortunately, not many interesting photo ops since...