Thursday, January 12, 2012


I can't wear yellow and black together without thinking I look like a bumblebee. Today I ditched the black tights (a little too much) for this pair, which I got from etsy a year or so ago and have never worn. A zillion people at work asked me about them, which made me even happier with my choice.

I seemed to put on a sassy face in some of these, included for your (and my) amusement.

You may recognize the dress from a few weeks ago. I promise I'll wear it without covering half of it up eventually, but I sure love my layers and am taking advantage while the weather allows.

dress: ModCloth; shirt: Gap; tights: Etsy; shoes: Blowfish from Ross


  1. I know I said this on twitter, but I love those tights!

  2. Since I lived in Pittsburgh, I always think about the Steelers! But I still love black and yellow. And those tights are amazing!

  3. love the tights!