Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Month in Review - December

A lot has happened in the last month! I've mentioned bits and pieces (moving, holidays), but here is a little photo summary of my December.

Moving day! Back on December 23. 

Moving in insanity. The dining and living rooms.
The kitchen and dining room
Moving into the bedroom 
A feather pillow basically exploded when I took its case off
Alex with her new camel necklace!
A happy corgi hanging out in the Castro on move in day (Tim and I really want a corgi someday).
Takeout from Mission Chinese - the best Chinese takeout, period. 
Christmas day!
It doesn't look like much, but every Christmas for the last few years I've made Chocolately Christmas Cafe au Lait, and my is it good!

I got myself some housewarming flowers, and they came with a pine garnish! Perfect, since moving foiled all of my plans to get a Christmas tree this year :/

I'm normally not at all a rose person, but I loved the yellow and orange combo on these.
Christmas morning breakfast - egg, cheese, and salami on herb slab (the best bread ever)

Breakfast date with Tim at Queen Malika
Crepes cooking! his: cheddar and apple; mine: swiss, turkey, and cranberry
We found Cheerwine all the way out here in California! Tim was reminded of childhood.
That's all for December. Sorry for the continued delayed posts :/


  1. Wow, so I LOVE the corgi (I want one too!), the apartment, breakfast sandwich, the coffee shop and crepes. Seriously, this only feeds my want to come visit you! Me and Chris are having "serious talks" about it. :)