Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweater Weather

Oh but not really. I wore this to work on Friday and ended up being uncomfortably warm for most of the day, and just about right on my chilly morning walk. Next time, no long sleeve shirt underneath. As an aside, I always used to think short sleeved sweaters were the most absurd things ever. And now I'm totally into it. California has changed me.

left: angry that my camera wouldn't focus on my earring; right: happy that the angry picture turned out better than any earring pictures did

dress: ModCloth; tights: We Love Colors; long sleeved shirt: Target; earrings: street craft fair in SF; boots: Alloy

Side note about ModCloth: Yeah, I work there now (!!!); yeah, I get an employee discount. Which means I'll surely be buying more stuff from there. (oh yes.) But only because I love their clothes and have since long before I even considered working there. So all opinions are still my own, and this is still my personal blog, not influenced by the company. Anything I post about is something I absolutely love and have chosen to buy and write about. That is all!