Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For you, self!

I've been under a lot of stress lately, much of it self-inflicted (short term stress -> long term awesomeness), but still stress nonetheless, so I decided to reward myself (for dealing with it, for bettering myself, for resisting the urge to quit my job and open a money drain, err, bakery). Along with vacation time (spent recovering and doing nonwork productive things, not actually doing vacation things), I bought myself some tulips - my favorite! how kind of you to remember! - and also some lovely things I found on the internet lately and ordered.

(Note: I'm definitely not cool enough to have sponsors - everything in this post is 100% stuff that I found, fell in love with, and bought full price for myself.)

First, my Ssekos! I found these on a random blog via craftgawker and love how versatile they are. I ordered one pair of sandals, 2 extra straps, and now I have 3 totally different pairs of shoes, each with a bazillion ways to tie them! These are definitely my go to for summer. They are comfy because I tie them to fit my foot perfectly, and they stay on better than flip flops, and I think they are super cute too. I haven't taken pictures of the silver straps on, but I love those even more than the black. *swoon*

omg, what is up with my ankles?

It is no secret that I am in love with Modcloth. I spend a ridiculous amount of money there from time to time, and my wardrobe is starting to tilt towards being comprised mostly of things from there. This month's purchases: Kapow! Boots, Whole Lot of Sole Heel, Happy Travels Dress, and Seine Saunter Socks (not pictured).

These boots are, erm, not in my normal price range. I just wanted to try them on because I loved them, but once i had them there was no turning back (with some encouragement from Tim). So I am now the proud owner of some sexy bright red leather boots.

The shoes! *swoon* They are definitely something 6th grade me would have loved (I was all about the 60s), but 7th grade through a year ago me would have rejected as silly and impractical. I'm glad my adventurous side is coming back. I do kind of almost die when I try to walk around in them, but I'm learning! I love the dress, too, although it is perhaps a bit short for work. The skirt is so full and fun to twirl in, though!

New things are not the most important things in the world, but I do know that I'm really fortunate to have a job that allows me treat myself every once in awhile. It really did brighten up my weekend to have a new few things to try on and wear out!

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  1. Sorry for the crazy language, but all of these purchases are amazeballs! I'm really thinking about copying you and buying the sandals for summer. I love this happy post. :)