Sunday, September 14, 2014


After my declaration that I wanted to blog more, Tumbles came home, and ... well, a pup is a lot of work, it turns out. I knew that but didn't quite realize how much (which was pretty silly of me). She has been such a joy, and I am so in love with her. But I am also exhausted and savor the little bits of free time I have to do things like clean up the house or take a walk to get groceries alone.

Meanwhile, work has been busy, and I only actually took one day off. I worked from home for the first 2 weeks I had her, and I've spent the last two weeks going in to work with Tumbles in tow - also a lot of work, but she's doing a fantastic job, considering she's still a little puppy, and it's wonderful that she gets to play with other dogs (and my coworkers) during the day and get tired out a bit.

This is called a sploot. Corgis do it a lot.

Somehow I've still been doing ballet 3(!) times a week, mostly because if I take time off, I'll likely have to drop out of pointe class and wait months or years for the next one to start up from the basics. It's also good for me to leave Tumbles alone some nights, since we spend *all* of our time together. There have been days where I am aching all over from walking (and carrying) Tumbles all over the city, exhausted from not nearly enough sleep, and then I still push myself to dance, and needless to say it does not go well. But sometimes it's exactly the thing I need to get out of my puppypuppypuppy headspace and do something just for me, and on those nights it's worth it.

Her first Boo meeting (hopefully of many, many).

I can tell that Tumbles is maturing so much in the month I've had her, and while I'll miss things about her being a tiny baby pup, I'm definitely looking forward to her being a bit more self sufficient, more of a companion than a baby.

Just a week or two after coming home, already starting to grow up.

Also: I've been channeling a lot of my Tumbles obsession into a dedicated instagram (as well as using it as a pick-me-up when things get exhausting and overwhelming). All the pics in this post are from her first couple of weeks (just because I don't want to flood this with all of September, too), but the instagram is updated almost daily. Just a few more:

Tiny, sleepy baby on the way home from Colfax, CA.

Brand new pup selfie.

These two snuggling on her first afternoon home.

Baby face

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