Saturday, February 28, 2015

What a February.

I wrapped up January hoping for a calm February - HA. While January was mostly (not entirely) internal stress - exhaustion, feeling kinda sick and tired and grumpy for no good reason - February was a month of huge external stressors and life events. In some ways that's easier for me to deal with, but boy was it rough at times.

On the bright side, there were good things to make up for the bad - and we took our trip to Portland! (Although - for a bit there we thought Tumbles was about to go into heat earlier than expected and thought we might have to cancel! Thank goodness it was a false alarm.) And although life is still definitely in a transitional period, it does feel like things are settling, and I'm at least feeling way more centered than I was a month ago.

Here is February:

A Boo playdate.

Above photo by Amy aka sailorhg.

More daycare fun.

Beautiful gloom, festive nails, and puppy graduation.

A sunny corgi meetup with Tum's buddy Gus.

(and her ... half nephew, I believe? Parker!)

Checking out some wine, mid-fermentation, made by our pal Phil.

Sunset dog park, as the days get just a bit longer. 

A pretty but kinda weird-tasting (read: bad) cake, because I could.


Lots of coffee, beer, junk food, and a few animals (backyard chickens Minnie & Dottie!). As well as some internet-turned-IRL friends, not pictured.

The two of us ate almost this entire plate in one sitting.

Some flowers for myself, because I needed a pick-me-up.

From Church Street Flowers - so friendly and talented! They made Tumbles their (un)official mascot :)

And of course, more dog park, sometimes with other corgis.

I'm afraid to say I want a calm, uplifting March (look how that went last month), but I really, really do!

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