Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014: The first half

This post ended up being so much fun to put together (although, warning - all three are very photo heavy). I feel like 2014 really sucked for the world as a whole, or we're all just more aware (so much misogyny, racism, transphobia, and the violence that comes with those). But, in my own little (admittedly very privileged) bubble, my personal year was the best in a long, long time. Looking back at all of my phone photos and seeing things I'd totally forgotten about (especially everything pre-Tumbles) is making me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can only hope my 2015 is as good - 2014 is a tough act to follow.


I had a pretty grumpy NYE,  followed immediately by several weeks of crunch time at work. There was lots of working from home and trying to get back into a (busy) routine. I also found out Tim couldn't come along on my Europe trip in February - January was a bummer month all around.


My pal Phil dog-sat this cutie named Jetty.


London and Paris! My first trip outside of North America in a decade - to the month. I met up with my mom there and then spent a few days alone at the end. I had the best time and am still in love with Paris. It's been less than a year, and I am already more than ready to go back (with Tim this time!).





My years-long hunt for the perfect dog-friendly apartment FINALLY panned out; we signed a lease for a month out and I postponed packing for as long as I could bear. Also - I hung out with dogs at work, as per usual.

RIP Clancy (shown above). He got cancer and eventually passed away later in 2014, at only 4 years old.


Packing, move, unpacking, and started to do puppy research. Also had a company trip to San Diego (with a surprise night in Vegas)!


old and new



I learned to fly a plane!

San Diego fish tacos


Probably the least eventful month, in that I remembered nothing before I went through photos. I apparently took some selfies, Tim and I drove to the (chilly) SF beach a couple of times, I dyed my faded green hair purple, and my pal Teresa started her internship at WibiData with me.



Work work work. I finally felt *good* at something. I worked super long hours (wooo deadlines) but it was ok. I also started pointe(!) and got my first pic of baby Tumbles (born June 16).

The aforementioned Phil made his very own wine! We got to help label (and drink, of course).


Tumbles at only 6 days old <3

Want more? Part two (Tumbles galore) is here and part three (even more Tumbles) is here.

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