Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014: Part two

A look back at all of my good memories from 2014. In this post, July through September. This is part two of three (due to Tumbles photo overload and my inability to pare down). See part one here and the final part here.


My first time meeting Tumbles! She was only 4.5 weeks old and precious. I had to wait another excruciating month to bring her home.


Tumbles came home with me! My life suddenly revolved around this little pup, and it was way more tiring than I ever imagined. But also the best thing ever. Here are practically infinity photos of 9 to 11 week old Tumbles.


7 weeks old - almost time to come home to me!

In the car, on the way home

First day of puppy kindergarten :D


New best buddy Boo!


First time at a bar with me - zzzzzzzz.


First vet visit


Back to work, with Tumbles in tow. Found my new routine (sort of). Also chopped off my purple hair (too much upkeep with the pup) and managed to escape on a quick donuts + beach date with Tim once.

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