Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sewn: Megan Dress

Whoops - remember that time I said I was going to blog about the stuff I've sewn? Wellll here is the first dress I ever made, only 6 months late. (Even the photos are that old! *hides in shame*)

This is the Megan dress from my intro book, Love at First Stitch. This one had lots of lessons along the way! And while I am really proud of the end result, I've worn it exactly once. I realized that just because I like how a dress looks in the photos that come with the pattern, that doesn't necessarily mean it's something I'll feel comfy commuting and sitting all day at work in. (And let's face it - I live in yoga pants on the weekends.)

I made a toile (aka muslin) for this dress, as with my Delphine skirt, and I used it to make a ton of adjustments. In fact, after I copied them all to the paper pattern, I ripped apart my whole toile and remade it with the changes, just to make sure it was good. This involved a shorter skirt, longer bodice, narrower hips, and less ease in the cap sleeves. The last one in particular was due to this sitch going on in my muslin:

A littttttle too Easter Sunday for me. So, I did some pattern surgery, got some cute fabric (from Cliff's Variety of all places), and got started on the real thing.

And here it is! I really like it in photos.... Not quite so much on. I've found the fabric is stiff enough that i kind of clings to my tights when I walk (and I really hate going out bare-legged - even in summer). It feels a little too tight on my hips and butt, although I'm not seeing it in these photos. Overall, something I would maybe wear out to dinner but not in my day to day life that usually involves running to catch a bus and carrying a corgi around a lot.

The sleeves are also not really my thing - I definitely prefer sleeveless dresses but wasn't ready to go rogue and try that without instructions to hand-hold me through it. The fabric and fit make it feel a bit less conservative, but it's still a bit stuffy-feeling compared to the dresses I feel the most "me" in.


But I have to say, I am pretty proud of the details. Invisible zippe, sleeve pleats (that are less intense than my prototype), nice fit through my curved lower back.

Pre-serger - everything is finished with the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. There's a collar facing (shown below), which I'm a fan of, especially compared tot he common alternative: ~binding tape~ (one of a handful of things I absolutely dread in sewing projects).


What I learned: Making tons of muslin adjustments until the garment is just right, and transferring these back to the pattern; darts and dark tucks (darts are another item on my "least favorite things about sewing" list, but they make a lovely dress!); various common dress/top techniques like attaching sleeves and using a neckline facing for stability; gathering fabric (for the sleeves).

So, that's my Megan dress! I'm keeping it around in my closet a bit longer, partially because I'm a borderline hoarder, but I'm telling myself it might get some use this spring/summer? Maybe? What do you think? Would you wear it in your day to day life?

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  1. Wow. it looks amazing! you ve done a great job ! I admire your patience