Monday, August 31, 2015

Some things I've sewn

5 months after getting Love at First Stitch, I've finished every pattern in the book! Ok, almost everything - I skipped the blouse, as it looks a bit loose through the waist and I know I would never wear it. (Fitted tees for life.) But I did make three of one skirt, and redid another one to fit me better, so it evens out I think. Here is the first round of clothing that I made!

The first pattern is a simple hair scarf, which I made in red... and was promptly reminded that I cannot pull off head scarves (something about my head shape? or hairline? they sit awkwardly and then slide off). A good refresher if you haven't touched your sewing machine in years, though.

Next - PJ pants! these are pretty great, although I do wish they had elastic instead of just a drawstring. Another good beginner project, though, and a great intro to clothing without having to worry too much about fit.

Details: Drawstring, hems, and inside zigzag stitches in lieu of a serger (gotta finish those seams so they don't unravel).

Next I made the Delphine skirt, which I really love a lot, although mine reminds me a bit too much of fall and makes me long for cooler temps....

My first invisible zipper (or, actually, any zipper!), and a rather fancy finished waistband. This was probably my first "holy crap, I made this?!" moment.

My first time wearing something I'd made to work (aside from knit hats... but those are more accessories). Had to commemorate with a bathroom selfie.

I have since re-made the Delphine with the fabric I had leftover from the first one (I tend to overbuy in case I mess something up). The new one is identical but with a shorter zipper and tighter waist. I also tried to add pockets, but that was kind of a flop...

More to come - two rather complex dresses (so many darts!) and three color variations on another skirt. Stay tuned.

Edit: Inspired by my awesome coworker Kiran (omg go check out her blog!), I'm going to keep track of things I pick up with each new pattern I make. Hopefully I won't stop learning at least something new with each new pattern for quite some time :) 

These PJ pants taught me a ton of new things: pre-washing fabric; tracing a pattern and cutting out the pieces; fitting together a 3D garment; seam allowances and finishing seams; pressing (not to be confused with ironing.. although it's similar); hemming.

The Delphine taught me: making a toile to fit; inserting a zipper (an invisible one, even!); using interfacing to stabilize; creating a finished waistband. Also - being picky enough to redo it if it's not just right, because sewing my own stuff gives me that power.

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