Saturday, August 15, 2015

Because I definitely needed another hobby

Things I have considered hobbies over the last 5 years or so: crochet, knitting, cooking + baking, party hosting (??), ballet, yoga, raising a puppy (maybe I'm stretching things here)... As well as the more aspirational "I'll get around to it soon" hobbies of photography, embroidery, decorating my home, and gardening. I keep telling myself I need to cut things out, not add more. And yet, here we are - I busted out the old sewing machine and bought myself a dressmaking book and I'm in deep.

First things first - up until 4 months ago, this little sewing pouch was the fanciest thing I had made with my sewing machine. And it was fine! There are lots of things going on there. But all things considered, I wasn't a pro seamstress. And yet, somehow now I find myself making tailored dresses (ok, just one so far) and skirts with gathers and invisible zippers. I feel like I don't even know myself!

But it also feels so magical, to be able to find a pattern that I love, and pick out just the right fabric out of all the options in town and online... And then! make that pattern so it fits my particular body exactly how I want it to. It's mind blowing and amazing, and in the end I have something that started as a couple yards of fabric and is now an outfit I can wear to work and look put together in.

So now I find myself planning my weekends around having time at home to work on whatever skirt or dress I'm making next; contemplating different fabric + pattern combos when my mind wanders off during the day; squeezing in time between dinner cleanup and bed to get just a little further on my current project. I'm obsessed.

I'm planning to share a few posts about how I got started, what my set up looks like (I promise you, it leaves a lot to be desired, but it gets the job done), and showing off what I've made so far, because I'm kinda shamelessly proud. Sewing (at least for me) was pretty intimidating, compared to a lot of my previous hobbies - machinery! so many different steps! - but it totally gets more fun and relaxing with time, and I hope I can help anyone on the fence about it work up the guts to give it a shot. Stay tuned!

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