Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oktoberfest party

Last weekend I hosted my second annual Oktoberfest party, inspired by my love of fall, food and beer, my distant German heritage, and the fact that my October 6 birthday is a convenient excuse for a party. Like last year, I made a bunch of food from scratch - soft pretzels with honey mustard and cheese dips, chicken schnitzel, roasted potatoes, and spaetzle.

This year I also branched out and made a (not German but very delicious) Princess cake for the party - it was a hit!

Princess cake, with a dusting of powdered sugar (marzipan is sticky)

Alex and Tim being put to work shaping pretzels

Finished pretzels (yum)

After attempting spaetzle two nights before, I rush-shipped a spaetzle maker from Amazon and it was SO much easier.

Tim was super helpful with the party prep!

Finished spaetzle - my favorite German food.

Roasted potatoes and onions.
Princess cake, ready for serving.

You can see a glimpse of my dirndl (aka beermaid costume) here.

A cross-section of the princess cake. from the bottom up: genoise, cherry preserves, swiss meringue buttercream,
genoise, pastry cream, genoise, whipped cream, genoise, swiss meringue buttercream, marzipan. Yep.

That's the summary! I'll do a post about more of the food specifics soon. Food posts are here and herea!

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