Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vacation part V - rainy day in NY

This was a short day in terms of sightseeing - some combo of weather, homesickness, and exhaustion got me feeling really down, so I went home and moped and napped fairly early in the afternoon. Conclusion: 5 days alone in NYC is too many, even if you don't really ever run out of things to do. At least for me, there is only so much exploring you can do before you want a nice day in. Even coffee shops hardly count, as you have to keep buying things to stay there... I'm pretty sure too much caffeine didn't help my situation by mid afternoon.

I started off the day at Ninth Street Espresso in the East Village - I'm pretty sure this is where I would live if I moved to New York. Such a cute neighborhood, and maybe a bit reminiscent of San Francisco? This shop was great - fantastic coffee, cute atmosphere, and not many tourists, as far as I could tell.

I ventured out into the rain for lunch at S'Mac, recommended by Alex. I got Parisienne mac - brie, mushrooms, figs, and rosemary. Delicious, but even the smallest size was overwhelming. So rich.

I happened to see a consignment shop (Eleven) while walking around, and I ended up with a denim mini skirt, which I've been wanting for awhile! They had a lot of high quality, brand name stuff (Prada skirt, anyone?), which was a nice change from sorting through lots of "meh" stuff at thrift stores. It wasn't super cheap, but way better than brand new! A week later, I am wearing the new skirt for at least the third time.


  1. That mac & cheese combination sounds delightful. I never would have thought to put figs in there. I must try to make this. -catbird

  2. It was delicious, but if I made it I'd probably serve it as a side with something less greasy - so heavy! Definitely try it out!