Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vacation part II - Downtown Saint Louis

I took about a billion pictures on my last day in Saint Louis - brunch, then the more-fascinating-than-it-sounds City Museum, then the arch (from below) and dinner. It was my favorite day in the city - it was nice to get out of suburbia and see some of the unique things that Saint Louis has to offer, as corny as that might sound.

Shameless Grounds, a knockoff of SF's (now closed!!) Wicked Grounds. Pretty good food and coffee,
a bit less risque than the SF original.
Shameless Grounds from the inside. Pretty adorable.
Scott's tempeh satay with asian slaw. Yum.
The City Museum! I loved this area - the ceiling was like icicles, with giant sea creatures everywhere. So pretty.
An enormous whale. 
Scott climbing one of many, many tight passageways.
Giant chameleon! 
Some of the interesting architecture (most of which can be climbed through, like the sphere on the left). 
The vault room, taken with the help of mirrors.
An amazing kaleidoscope hallway. 

Pretty sure this is ages old. The dust made it look eerie and pretty.
Perhaps the best part - the top floor of the museum has a combo vintage thrift store / coffee and alcohol bar.
Such a better selection than SF too!
So many wool skirts. I picked one of my favorites ($6!) and plan on altering it from calf to knee length when I get home.
Gorgeous vintage dress. Don't actually know if it's my size, and it was $75. But oh my goodness! 

Looking up - organ pipes on the left, tons of spiral slides (including one that is 10 stories tall) in the center.
And a skylight.
Insane pipe organ. (Not gonna lie, I'm kinda proud of this picture.)
After the city museum, we wandered downtown and took photos.
There were some legit fall leaves... so of course I took 28490382 pictures.

And umm maybe laid down in the leaves and took pictures of me in the midst of fall.
And of course, the arch.
And Scott took some too.

Taking a break.
After a long day of walking, dinner! Mine.
Scott's. Both way delicious, especially with everything dipped in chipotle ranch.
Oh food, the highlight of my (every)day.
Now I'm enjoying New York with some old friends (and by myself while they all do that job thing - wandering on my own is actually pretty fun and relaxing). More updates soon!

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  1. That museum seems really cool. I was into the icicle things, the owl, the organ and the unexpected vintage store. Way to go St. Louis! haha.