Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This week's faves

Smartwool knee socks

I have a few pairs of Smartwool hiking socks, which are great for inside boots and when it's cold out. But I didn't realize that they made so many different styles and patterns! I love the look of boots over knee highs, either with tights or bare legs depending on the weather.

McLaughlin Designs knitting patterns

This is basically my new favorite Etsy shop. She has so many cute patterns, and it also means I get to DIY some things instead of spending a (relative) fortune to have someone else make it for me when I am perfectly capable! I may or may not have bought the 5 patterns for $18 pack today....

Also - isn't she just the cutest??


It looks like she sometimes sells finished products, too, but I don't see any up right now.

this colorful apartment

I had too much fun looking back and forth between the photos and the floor plan, figuring out what was what. I especially love the fall leaves as inspiration. It reminds me a bit of my friends Paul and Ava's apartment, except taken to the extreme.


these adorable red heels

From ModCloth. Of course. I broke my no shopping rule today for these - but hey, my birthday is on Thursday so it's allowed, right? I'm so freaking excited - I hope they fit well! (I have wide feet and shoes, especially heels, are always a bit hit or miss.) Oh my goodness, so excited.


  1. ooo i love those mclaughlin headbands! have to check out her stuff, i think! (PS-Want to win a pair of Cents of Style shoes of your choice? Enter on my blog today: www.rubygirlblog.com)

  2. One, I have the same problem with shoes, so being that the heels are super cute, I hope they fit too!

    Also, I really like the headband with the flower on it, but they are all neat. I wish I had the inclination to knit,sew or something! You're such a good housewife! ;)

  3. Ruby Girl - thanks for stopping by!

    Meredith - I actually just finished the flower headband! Now I need to figure out how to wear it. I'm not used to wearing hats/hair accessories so I have to work up the nerve to just do it!