Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homemade Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, I can post pics of all of the things I've been working on for the last couple of months! I only (re)taught myself to crochet in October, so each one of these things was a learning experience in its own way. I started off with some patterns from Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful (the cat, the flower hat/scarf set, and the bunnies) and then branched off into making up my own.

A cat, for my sister

Hat/Scarf set for my mom

Octopus for my niece, Lillian

Daddy-daughter Steelers hats for my brother and his daughter
Striped hat for my sister-in-law
And I think my personal favorite (although the octopus is a close second), bunnies for my roommate, modeled after her real life bunnies. The black one is the late Darby, who lost a leg a few years back (hence the peg leg) and, sadly, had to be put down in early December this year. Duncan, on the right, is still going strong.

It was lots of fun making all of these things, but the mad rush at the end was more than slightly stressful. It's awesome to no longer have a deadline, and perhaps I'll get a chance to make something for myself?


  1. ADORABLE! I'm quite jealous I didn't receive an awesome knitted bunny. think you could teach me to knit before i head back east?!


  2. PS. you totally need an etsy shop

  3. Aww, thanks!! So far I just crochet, not knit (although I'm planning on learning ASAP), but sure, I can teach you crochet! I'd love to open an etsy shop, but I think I need more original patterns first - not sure if it's ok to sell things I made from someone else's patterns (I actually have no idea if that's allowed).

  4. I feel ya, chick! These are adorable, btw. I seriously love "Darby." He cracks me up. Oh, and I made some of the sugared cranberries you posted a while back - DEEELICIOUS!

  5. @caitlin - i think that it's fine as long as you've made it yourself? unless the patterns are copyrighted or something? dunno the rules there!
    crocheting works too! as long as I get to make an awesome bunny! (or an octopus!)

  6. Yay, thanks Suzy! I love your blog (even though I'm bad about commenting and telling you so), so I'm so excited that you're reading mine too!!