Monday, December 27, 2010

Peppermint bark

My second almost-cookie: Peppermint bark. I made an extra yummy version, with white chocolate and crushed peppermint sandwiched around dark chocolate peppermint ganache. Mmmm!

This recipe came from the Bon Appetit Desserts cookbook - I went to a signing at Macy's back in November, but I wasn't convinced I should buy the book until they passed out some of this bark to try.

Sadly, I am not yet to the point where cookbook companies send me free books in exchange for review (ha), so this is a genuine, unbiased plug for the book. I haven't made anything else from it yet, but it looks fantastic.

Am I allowed to post recipes from purchased books? I think I'll just stick to family recipes (or ones I make up myself). I definitely recommend the cookbook though :)

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