Sunday, December 12, 2010


A filling breakfast skillet meal from a few weeks ago, containing potatoes, scallions, tomatoes, cheddar, parsley, and an egg cracked over the top - I love having the opportunity to include some veggies in my breakfast.
I've never been much of a breakfast food person - I have very specific opinions about eggs (the yolks and whites should be separate), don't much like breakfast meats or hot cereals, and feel pretty sick after eating a full stack of syrupy pancakes. However, there are some days that I just need to start my day off with something filling, and a big pasta dinner seems like a bit much, so I have been experimenting a bit with breakfast foods that I actually like.

Today I decided to try something new and take a stab at crepes. I was worried they would be difficult and that this first attempt would be a failure, but they were actually really easy to make! And I had all of the ingredients on hand.

I had buttermilk in the fridge, so I found a buttermilk crepe recipe. I just whisked everything together (as in the recipe, but with about half the sugar), chilled the batter while Tim went out to grab coffee for us, and then cooked them in a small pat of butter. With the nonstick pan, I didn't have to rebutter, and they actually got better near the end, with a perfect light golden color. They slid right out of the pan!

The thin stack of finished crepes
I made a few crepes with butter, cinnamon, and sugar (not pictured), and several with ham and cheese. I just spread the toppings on, rolled them up, and resauteed the rolls.

I was impressed by how easy these were and how well they turned out. Definite "A+: will make again."

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  1. I'm actually a big breakfast food person, and these look absolutely wonderful. I'm feeling hungry just looking at them.