Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think that my roommate and I do a pretty good job of keeping our apartment (and especially kitchen) clean. The one thing we don't always do is keep the lid on the trash can, and although we compost, bits of food get in there. It seems that a mouse has gotten in the habit of sneaking in for food at night (at least, that is my guess)... However, last night there was no bag, and apparently that made it deep enough that he could not get out. I woke up to find this:

Having had a pet mouse once upon a time (which I accidentally killed via lack of water - I am a terrible person), my reaction was more like "OMG CUTE!!!!!" than fear or disgust. I proceeded to don gloves and coax him into a glass jar (I told myself it was so he was easier to carry outside, but let's be honest, it was really so I could get a better look at him and take some pictures).

I released him a block away at a health center that has a lot of trees and bushes - maybe he'll find a new home there? Or make his way back. But honestly, as long as he continues to be stealthy, I don't really mind....


  1. ok CUTE! would have NOT be my reaction, but seeing him from afar, he is quite adorable! pretty sure penny would have found him and proceeded to bring him to me as a..."gift" if he were in my house. let me know if you need to borrow her for future rodent seeking! :)

  2. haha ok :) I didn't even know we had one until he was caught, so I'm not sure I'll know if I need her to help!

  3. omg! haha, had I found it running around the room, I probably would have screamed. But since you found it stuck and in a vulnerable state...I'm gonna say it is kinda cute. ALTHOUGH KITTENS ARE CUTER AND KEEP THE PESTS AWAY :)