Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On Monday:

- I finally did some Ruby coding for the entire morning (with the help of an almond croissant, a large black coffee, and a cappuccino at Red Rock).
- I rode my bike there ^ and back.
- I made lunch and dinner with veggies that needed to be used up.
- I washed my car (the actual action of washing, not paying someone to).

- I baked a banana peanut butter pie, no recipe (it turned out pretty good, but there are adjustments to be made for next time).
- I made some progress on my current knitting project, a cabled pint glass sleeve.

And yet somehow I feel a sense of unaccomplishment. Perhaps this means it's time to look for work again soon??

And hey, I even took some outfit photos. This is my "bike to the coffeeshop outfit".

hole: courtesy of roller skating earlier this year.

nail polist: Revlon 092 - Blue Lagoon. Not gonna lie, I like Essie's quality way better.

Outfit details: shirt, shorts: Express; tights: We Love Colors; boots: Alloy.

And, my little balcony garden! Not pictured: basil.

A little green pepper - almost ready!

Spearmint:  this was from the produce department in the grocery store
(just fresh mint for eating, not a plant).
I put it in dirt, thought it had died and stopped watering it,
and then a few weeks later it had started growing!

Peppermint, a cutting from a friend.
Turns out mint is actually a weed and will grow like crazy.


  1. Pardon me for creepin' on your blog, but I have that same Revlon polish and I agree--love the color, hate how it applies! I couldn't get an even coat after several tries :(

    Also, you should think about working for ModCloth! They're hiring software/UI/test engineers, are in SF (the actual city), and you get an awesome discount! I've been trying to get them to hire me in Pittsburgh, but to no avail so far...

  2. Hi Anonymous, creeping is fine, that's why it's a public blog! Who are you, do I know you? I went to school in Pittsburgh and am definitely considering ModCloth for my next job, fingers crossed!

  3. Whoops I could've sworn I put a name in there last about looking like an actual creeper!

    Anyhow, we've definitely met before! We worked together briefly at CMU Admissions, but I stumbled across your blog because Sharon retweeted something you said and I was like "hey I remember her, and it looks like she's doing cool things!"

    PS I think I just added you on Ravelry :)