Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roughing it

I spent Labor Day weekend camping in the Sierras, where my friend DJ owns some land. It was rustic in the sense that there were no showers or toilets, there was the risk of bears, and I only had roaming (ie. $$$) phone reception. However, we did get to drive in to the property, so I brought a carful of food and supplies.

It was really nice to have a weekend off from my internet/phone/Netflix addictions, and I had a lot of fun planning meals for eight of us.

I didn't want to ruin my DSLR, so I brought my old point and shoot. Sad, sad photo quality. :( Except for the ones which are good, which were taken with Scott's nice camera.
I made some waterproof sandals, inspired by a combo of this tutorial and my Ssekos. How to coming soon!

Oh joy of joys! There is a Chick-fil-a in Sacramento, right along the way!! It'd been about 2 years...

My craft for the ride - learn to cable knit. Success!
A mile up, and still climbing.
Almost there!
The Sierras
Scott, excited to camp!
The dirt road in to the campsite.

I dug a fire pit while everyone else looked for land markers for the property.

Making a campfire skewer with my dad's Swiss Army Knife <3
Scott, blowing up air mattresses in the tent.
My tent (ie. Scott's, because I own 0 camping supplies).
Even a covered vestibule for storage!

My friends' tents.


DJ, our fantastic host! 
This is actually what the sky looked like. Amazing. I've gotten so used to city-lit (and SF foggy) night skies.

Breakfast! The food stash. Fortunately, bears did not eat it.
Wide angle lens: Fits a lot, warps people's heads.

Breakfast lasted a full 3 hours. We just kept cooking - bacon (regular and Canadian varieties), biscuits, eggs.

"Browning" the biscuits. Erm..
Eggs scrambled with sausage and onion. A frittata, perhaps?
So much bacon. My cast iron skillet got a nice inaugural seasoning.

There was actually another entire day/night after this, but photos got pretty monotonous after awhile, and I just enjoyed the experience. Picture: more trees, more campfire, more stars.

I hadn't been camping in years, and this was so much fun. I can't wait to go again, but probably somewhere less than 5 hours away.


  1. One, I always say that Chick-fil-a will be one of the few things I will miss, if I ever move out of the South. Two, that picture of the night sky is unreal. Obviously JC doesn't have as many lights as SF, but the sky is no where near as clear, as where you camped. So beautiful!

  2. On the bright side, Chick-fil-as are pretty much everywhere but the bay area! I used to go all the time in Pittsburgh, that's where I truly fell in love.

    Yeah, the sky was amazing. I'm hoping to leave urbania again soon, because camping was such a fantastic experience, and so different from my everyday life.