Sunday, December 13, 2015

winter Reykjavík trip

Tim and I have taken very few vacations. Like... two over the course of 6 years together. And he ended up having to work during most of one (Hawaii), and the other (Portland) was a bit of a stressful mess because it happened to fall right after I got laid off work and Tim's grandfather died.

I wanted to take another big trip - somewhere that we would both enjoy and find interesting. Nothing too touristy (Hawaii had more gimmicky luaus and gift shops than we were really comfortable with). And I get far more sunshine and warm weather than I want in San Francisco, so my criteria was: someplace colder than home. After a bit of brainstorming, we landed on Iceland!

I've seen lots of people visit Iceland (specifically Reykjavík) over the past few years, although they mostly went in summer or fall. But I really wanted to get some real snow, bundle up against freezing temps, and (fingers crossed) maybe see the northern lights. (Side note: did anyone else obsess over the Golden Compass trilogy as a kid?)

So we booked tickets and an adorable airbnb for early December, to avoid both the Thanksgiving and Christmas travel rushes, and off we went!

view of Reykjavik from above

one day of sunshine

the blue lagoon


the atlantic ocean

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