Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aspirations... for what?

Sometimes (ie. right now) I feel like I want to do something with my life, make an impact, like what I've done so far just doesn't cut it. Be someone that people look up to. I guess in a way, being a woman in tech counts. But for me it just doesn't feel like something that I'm that proud of. Or at least... I'm not passionate enough about what I've done to this point to feel like it's what I want my legacy to be.

I look around and see these other women doing amazing (and highly varied) things on their own - Elsie and Emma of Red Velvet running a vintage boutique and bakery, Hannah Hart becoming famous with her drunk cooking youtube series (and fantastic sense of humor), Twinkie Chan building her own business on her crocheted food, and my friend Jenn creating and aspiring to be her own boss in tech someday (hopefully soon!).

Right now, with tons of free time and living in a great tech and foodie hub, I'm in a really good place to figure out what I want to do (baking? coding? some combination, or something else entirely?)... but there is still some work to get to even that point, and then way more to make it happen once I know what I want.

At times like this I feel especially close to my longtime friend Meredith, who I know is also going through something similar - she has big dreams and lots of talent and is trying to find a way to make her passion into her career.

I hope that soon I can figure out where I want to be in life, and that then I can push to make things happen. I got into an unmotivated, unproductive rut at work, and I don't want to waste my life like that anymore. Wish me luck!