Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Drunk Iron Chef Kitchen - with Harto!

First: If you haven't watched the joy that is My Drunk Kitchen, go NOW.

I am generally not one for celebrity crushes, but oh man, I am a little bit in love with Hannah. So I was thrilled that she came back to visit her former hometown of San Francisco this weekend for a live event! It was an Iron Chef sort of parody thing, with a 3 drink minimum for the chefs. Hannah hosted instead of cooking, which was fine, because she was still hilarious.

Alex, Ava, and Tim got pumped with me by watching all the MDK videos and pregaming, and we all had a blast there.

Ava, me, Harto <3


Somehow I ended up going up to answer a trivia question. I was rewarded with a terrible-tasting shot, which I gave to the guy in front of me after Tim and Alex also rejected it.

The other Hannah, who Harto made the first MDK video for.


Alex, me, Tim, Ava. We were enjoying ourselves.

I finished up the night by having Harto sign my... self.
The first and last photos were taken with my camera. The rest are copyright my friend Michael Dunn - click through to get to the original, and see all of his photos from the event on Google+ here.

The next day we brunched off our hangovers and helped Alex move into her new place in San Francisco! Not gonna lie, it made me miss living there. I'll be back, no worries.


  1. This looks like so much fun. I'm glad you all were able to enjoy yourselves!