Monday, August 1, 2011

Something new

Change is great.

Stressful, but great. I can only handle so much monotony, and I'd about hit my limits lately.

If you know me well, you probably know that I've been struggling with liking, even accepting, my job. It's one of those tech jobs that looks like so much fun from the outside - free food and seasonal events and ball pits and workout classes and everything you could ever ask for, why would you even want to go home? But the problem is, I do want to go home, and not just that, but I want to spend my time at work with people who do too, people who want to talk non-tech in their free time, people I can relate to. It took me two years to decide this with certainty, but I finally have.

I'm pretty burnt out on tech in general right now, too, so I'm leaving without a new job lined up. My plan is to take a few months off to relax, be productive in other ways, hopefully fix up this blog and update on a more regular basis, and do some coding on my own once I'm up for it. I'm going to live off of savings and find work before I go broke. Two of my friends are starting a small, informal catering business with me, so look for updates on that, too! Eventually I hope to want to get back into tech again, and then I will look for work with company culture being a major priority. I want a smaller company without an endless list of perks making up for a lack of work/life balance, and a team that I get along with. Working in San Francisco (and moving back up to the city) is a priority too.

It's scary, quitting my job and not really knowing what the future will bring, but I am so excited to try something new and see what happens. My mood has improved dramatically since making this decision, and I imagine that it will get even better after my last day (this friday!).

Thanks for putting up with my long absences, dear readers, and I hope to be back again soon with more great updates!

Note: I don't mean for this to reflect poorly on my (former) employer. It is a great company for tons of people, and I have learned a lot in the last two years, but it is simply not for me anymore. I have had a lot of great coworkers over the last two years,. I am sad to say goodbye to them, and I wish them the best of luck with their work.


  1. I've already told you this privately, but I want to say once again how happy I am for you. I know the unknown is a bit scary, but I know this is the right decision for you. You will do great! :)

  2. good for you, caitlin! I too am quitting the my job this friday! it's scary but so freeing! good luck!

  3. Thanks so much for your support, guys! Amanda, do you have a plan? I'd love to hear more about what you are doing.

  4. Ahhh Caitlin, I didn't know you were feeling so down. Stress can really effect how you function day to day. I've been there too. If your not happy with your job then YES find the job that does make you happy. Congratulations on your first day of RELIEF! A. Nancy

  5. You really do rock, chick. I think you are making a great choice. Life is too short to be in misery at a job you hate, considering it's where you spend over half of your day. I'm wishing you a LONG and fun-filled sabbatical! And if you want to take an unemployment vacay, I do have a guest room with your name on it!