Monday, August 15, 2011

End of week one - nail polish and pad thai

Friday was day 7 of being jobless! I celebrated by making pad thai for me and Tim and by painting my nails bright and summery. I got the idea here.

essie - my current favorite brand. I get it at Target.

Pad thai!

I used a recipe that I found online here. It turned out pretty delicious and tasted a lot like the restaurant versions I like, but I would change a few things next time. For my reference as well as yours:

  • I made half of a 14 oz pack of noodles and it was a little light on the sauce. I would use extra fish sauce and tamarind and a second egg.
  • I didn't reconstitute the tamarind paste (as recommended here), and it was very chunky. Break it down before adding it! A nice chop first might have helped break up the chunks too.
  • I haven't made shrimp in ages and totally forgot to slit the shells and remove the veins. This made eating them annoying. However, it was hearty enough that I might leave the shrimp out next time.
  • I found some turnips in chili that I used for "preserved turnips". They added a nice flavor but were a little chunky. I would finely chop these next time.
  • I added some veggies (broccoli, carrots) and used pre-fried tofu, which I found at my local 99 Ranch, along with most other ingredients.

I had my trusty photographer, Tim!
So, 99 Ranch has the world's largest carrots.
Confusion at the recipe. Asian food is not my forte.

That's actually only one egg. Twins!!

Hi Timmo!! You can see he skimped on the shrimp and veggies.


  1. First,I just finished dinner, and that food made me hungry! haha. Very yummy looking. Second, did you use the regular brush from the polish to make the circles? I just feel like I would make globs instead of dots. If you didn't use another brush or tool, do you have any tips?

  2. I started with a broken off toothpick, but it was a disaster, so I just used the built-in brush. It turned out a little more rough than the one in the other blog, but it looks a little impressionistic to me, so I'm ok with it :) I just made sure my hand was steady - I stabilized it against my other wrist while painting.

  3. Thank you for sharing this recipe on pad Thai, I loved it.