Monday, December 19, 2011

Another two weeks gone by

Wow. Everything has been crazy here, but really only in the best ways still. Work is lovely, everything I hoped for and more when I left my old job. The two-hour round trip commute has been exhausting, but that leads to other big news - Tim and I signed a lease over the weekend and move in together this Friday! We got a beautiful 2 bedroom home in our favorite part of San Francisco, and it has everything we hoped for (laundry, dishwasher, dedicated parking, adorable backyard). I am so excited to spend the holidays with him in our first ever shared home. <3

This week will be filled with work, commute, packing, baking Christmas goodies, and trying to fit some sleep in. I'm taking next week off to relax and settle in, though. While I am still in love with my job, it'll be nice to have a little "me time" (and "us time" with Tim) before the new year starts.

A few random photos:

Every night I do crossword puzzles on my phone until I fall asleep.
 I saw this one day - apparently I'd fallen asleep while typing the letter T the night before.
It cracked me and Tim up.
mmmm, morning mocha before catching the train. I love the subtle Christmas decorations.
I wore flip flops during my commute one day before changing into my fancy shoes at work.
Turns out it was actually cold, like 35, and my toes were so sad.
A longtime family friend, Paula, came to my rescue when I needed Christmas sweaters for a themed event at work. She sent me two, including this one. It was perfect! I can't wait to be invited to more tacky Christmas sweater parties :)

Paula sent me a little turtle ornament too - it's spending the Christmas season being adorable on my desk at work.
Last Monday we had team photos at work. They were supposed to be cheesy, but we didn't come up with a good theme so I just dressed fancy. Here are some very poorly lit photos:

cardigan: Alloy; tank top: Express; fake pearls: Old Navy (I think); skirt: ModCloth; heels: Target

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  1. ah! My friend and I do the NYTimes Sunday crossword together EVERY Monday. Over drinks. It's way fun.