Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A glimpse at my (soon to be former) home

I've lived by myself in a small studio apartment since July, and even though it was only a short term home (five or six months total) it was really cozy and made me feel at home, something I never seem to be able to get with a housemate. Now that I'm moving in with Tim (who I don't think counts as a "housemate" in that non-homey sense), I may be giving up the bachelorette pad forever (ha)... at least, that's the hope when moving in with a serious boyfriend, right? I'm thrilled to move, but this little place has treated me well during my short time here, so here are some parting photos.


posters from an 11th grade trip to the actual Moulin Rouge

vanity made from an IKEA mirror and lights and an old dresser
cheap wooden board + tiny nails: necklace organizer
view of the "bedroom" (as seen from the kitchen portion of the studio)
cluttered shelves, which double as a living room/bedroom divider

Living room:

Larousse Gastronomique was a fantastic $4 purchase at a used bookstore in San Francisco 

I own more cookbooks than all other books combined, I'm pretty sure.

I love any excuse to pull out some fall candles, especially the ones from Bath & Body Works

Dining "room"
My entire apartment, as seen from the kitchen
and in the other direction (bedroom to kitchen view)

I love my pinup calendar so much. (and yes, it has taken me two months to post these photos)

The Bathroom:

my bathroom is hardly big enough to have any sort of decoration, but I somehow managed to fill it with owls

Shower curtain, mat, and toothbrush holder all from ModCloth (pre-job) 


  1. I enjoyed visiting your home! Can't wait to visit you in your new home! Love you, Aunt Nancy

  2. Thanks Aunt Nancy! I'll be sure to post pics once we get settled in, and I hope you can visit sometime!

  3. You know I love all of the owl stuff, and I'm certainly impressed with how you organized everything for a "smaller" space. That is something I REALLY need to improve on.
    Thanks for the apartment tour. :)

  4. Now that I'm in a "normal" sized home, I'm actually having a lot of trouble figuring out how to make it feel homey. I'm so used to the cozy clutter strategy!!