Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-Christmas Sunshine

Isn't this dress sunshiney and cheery? I sorted my closet by color this time around, and I noticed that I really only have: black, navy, purple, red, gray, and white. No green, orange, yellow... until this lovely piece (which I only got on Friday!).

whoops, camera strap. Tim is still getting the hang of being my photographer. <3

Kind of an outtake as I came over to get my camera back. But I like it!
dress: Modcloth; sweater: Gap (a few years ago); tights: old, no idea; shoes: BC from Delia's or Alloy (also a few years old)

After coercing Tim to take outfit photos, we took a walk to my old San Francisco house to check up on my former roommate's bunny, Duncan. Tim and Duncan are basically best buddies, so it was fun and adorable.

the Castro is adorable.
Visiting me in the kitchen.
Tim feeding Duncan craisins.

A closer look at my shoes. And Dunc!


  1. I love the dress with the tights and sweater. Makes me think of a pretty honey bee :)

  2. Ooh I love that outfit! It's very cute. :)

  3. Thanks guys! It was sort of a random and different look for me, but it was fun to wear something different for a change. Also: super comfy.