Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Festivities

Amidst the job/moving madness, I somehow managed to cram a few festive activities in (food-centric ones, of course). Most of my friends are traveling for the holidays, so this was my chance to celebrate with them.

1. Pre-SantaCon brunch: Every year a bunch of my friends participate in SF's SantaCon - thousands of people dress up as Santas (and related creatures) and go on a giant bar crawl throughout the city. I skipped the bar part, but I did head up for brunch beforehand.

I made the mistake of trying to bike across Potrero Hill in San Francisco. I got some nice views,
but the biking was pretty much a failure. I was constantly going up or down a 45° hill.

We stopped by La Victoria for some baked goods to share. There were so many yummy things to ooh and ahh over!

The lovely Alex, ready to go!
This time with matching hat.
me and Alex. and an elf.

Me and my buddy Carmen (whose mohawk matches her sweater!)

2. Eggnog party: That same night, some other friends hosted an eggnog party - they made the nog, I brought mulled wine and sugared cranberries, and there were other lovely things to snack on as well.

Carmen came to the nog party too - two hangouts in one day!

Forced Christmas cheer with Tim

Deciding whether she likes nog


Carmen had derby prom after the party, and she dressed as a glowing jellyfish

Sugared cranberries, one of my favorite Christmas treats. So pretty!

3. Grub and Garb at ModCloth: A combo of holiday potluck and awful Christmas sweaters. <3 my job.

Cupcakes, by yours truly 
Chocolate with Bailey's buttercream
Vanilla bean with sugared cranberries

Coworker Hannah with her bloody axe sweater (including blood drops knitted onto the back).
Me, Rachel, Hannah. 
Some of the testing team - me, Syma, Jingting
Leftover sugared cranberries - yes, I made another batch just for the cupcakes.
My Christmas sweaters arrived after lunchtime that day, so they barely missed the photos, but I'm hoping to force a few more opportunities to wear them this year!


  1. I love everything about this post! Every event looks like so much fun. :)

  2. Yes, it was all so fun! I am a little sad that everyone is going out of town now for the actual holidays :/ At least I'll have Tim and a new home to settle into!