Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Love

Hooray, a feature - 2 weeks in a row!
  1. Larabars
    I needed some sort of afternoon and pre-ballet snack for my vegan week, and I found these lovelies. I'd seen them before but never tried them or looked at the ingredients. Turns out, they only have around 2 to 5 ingredients each (like cashews and dates). I'll totally take something natural over a fake-tasting protein bar any day!

    dates, almonds, cherries, DONE.
    1. Allora handmade

      I am seriously in love with this shop. I haven't bought anything yet, but only because I want like 10 different colors and can't decide where to start! (Note: color decisions are the hardest decisions in my life. See: Kitchenaid mixer, iPod nano, many other things.) My current faves: mustard, turquoise, plum, rich red. And then there is necklace vs headband... Ack!

    2. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer
      The perfect alternative to fancy lipstick. I got it in the shade "raisin" but plan on buying a second lighter color asap. It's like my training wheels while I work my way up to wearing the real Clinique lipstick I bought last week! (See here for colors, but I just got mine at the grocery store.) See it in action on days 27 and 28 (both coming soon).

    3. This entire etsy shop
      So I kind of love cutesy owls (see my owl-themed pinterest board). And I want to buy pretty much every single one of these, although I might be a little old for them? Ah well.

    4. Ballet!
      I'm not actually any good - I take beginner adult classes, and the only time I ever did ballet before last year was when I was three (and no older). But it's so much fun, especially when I can suddenly do a double pirouette without toppling over. And it is the perfect combo of strength/toning and cardio (leaps and kicks), and relaxing music, and having enough to concentrate on but also the feeling of clearing my mind after the workday... Ahhhh, it's lovely. (Also, I kind of feel super cute in tights and a leotard...)

    What are you loving this weekend?


    1. This weekend I'm loving a weekend in! Painting my nails (o.p.i.'s hot & spicy) and baking!! I can't decide between chocolate molten lava cakes and peanut butter oatmeal cookies. eeeeee! maybe both! :)

    2. Yum! I vote for lava cakes, but I have a soft spot for anything gooey and half-baked :) I still need to buy some O.P.I. - it's on my to do list!

    3. fyi - I went with the cookies. Easier to bring to Grenada with me! Lava cakes = next time