Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vegan for a week

After going to LA (chicken and waffles, airport food), spending a week off of work and instead baking and cooking, and not working out for a week, I am definitely feeling sluggish. I need a detox, so in addition to picking my ballet routine up again this week, I'm going vegan* Monday through Friday (I'm giving myself the weekend to bake some stuff again, so all bets are off).

I'm also making an effort to be healthy vegan (no fried breakfast potatoes or vegan maple cupcakes for me - both of those things were offered at work yesterday). I started off by buying some real whole grain hot cereal, cooking it up with a bit of almond milk, and topping with a little brown sugar, pecan, and banana. Whole grain, minimal sugar, yummy, and filling!

Here's to a healthy week and super energy by the end!

I love everything from this company - their almond meal is perfect for macarons!

* except for honey. I refuse to accept that honey isn't vegan and made myself a lovely honey soy latte today, mmmmm.

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