Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whoops, shopping: part 2!

I went shopping again last week, this time on a mission for more patterns and colors. I managed to succeed and fail all at once: I did indeed buy some patterned shirts, but I couldn't justify them and returned them a week later. Alas. Here are the failures, which I swear look worse in person:

All shirts from Zara
So, here's the problem: everything I found with a cute/colorful pattern also happened to be in a light, airy fabric. This means it kind of hits my boobs and hips and flows out, without bothering to go back in at the waist. And I end up looking 30 pounds heavier than I am. Belts and tucking them in only made things look worse. So, goodbye flowy tops. Ah, the perils of being an hourglass shape!

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