Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonus outfit: Ted Leo concert

During this weekend's 30 for 30 hiatus, I got dressed up (kind of) to go see Ted Leo live. Cheap red lipstick and all! Also rainboots, because it was freaking nasty out.

dress: F21; jacket: Express; belt: Modcloth; tights: Target; boots: Roxie, from Alloy or Delia's; lily headband: handmade by my sister!

Turns out I'm not great with concerts. I am on a very strict 10:30 to 7ish sleep schedule and get grumpy if I am out past my bedtime. This makes me awesome (read: super lame) to hang out with at night. Anyway, Ted Leo did great - I think I might like him solo better than with "the Pharmacists"! - but I was pretty (ok, really) sleepy and just waiting to go home and crawl into bed! Alas. If I'm like this at 24, what will happen when I'm legitimately old?


  1. AHHH! Ted Leo! How fun!!! And drink some coffee before you go out sweetie!

  2. Yes, he sounds pretty much the same on his own - guitar + singing. It was really impressive. He's like a one man group.

    I'm scared that coffee will really mess me up and I'll NEVER fall asleep! Also, that thing everyone says about going to bed and waking up at the same time to fix messed up sleep... yeah, I need that.