Monday, February 28, 2011

30 for 30 - day 24

I'm back! Or rather, my 30 for 30 is. I'm in the final stretch, and I'm back at work this week so I have a reason to dress up (not that anyone else at work dresses up. but at least I'm doing something other than sitting alone at home.)

Can you believe it's March? I realized, March is the halfway point of my September to September lease in SF. Which means I've survived 6 months of this awful commute (seriously. I am not a commute person. never again.), and while I love San Francisco, I am really looking forward to living closer to work and having more time to spend doing things I love (sitting on a shuttle feeling carsick for three hours a day is not on that list, it turns out).

In the meantime, I am spending several weekdays at a time at Tim's - basically living at home in SF on weekends and at Tim's near work during the week. I miss home (... and things like the belt I left at home this week), but it's a pretty good system.

Ah yes, the argyle socks are back! (socks: SockShop on Haight St. in SF)
earrings: boutique in Montreal; belt: Aeropostale

necklace: F21.. maybe?
My hair was extra silky soft today due to a weekend olive oil / egg treatment and extra conditioner.

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