Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 for 30 - day 1

Hello! Here is outfit #1. Pretty basic, but still something I felt good wearing.

Earrings: from an Indie Mart street fair in SF


Scarf: Delia's (obvs)

socks: Target
Ok, I seriously need to stop right here and tell you about how very much I love these shoes. I am not a heel person (and technically these might not be heels, at least in a stiletto sense), but I can wear these beauties all day, no problem. I guess that's the joy of Doc Martens? Anyway, I love how they look and the fact that they don't kill my feet, and they have definitely become my new go-to shoes more than any others. (Note: I am not getting paid in any way for these comments, I just love my shoes.)

Also, look, a backyard! I'm spending extra time at Tim's this week (my commute is killing me and his house is much closer to my work), which means a change in scenery! I'm really pleased with the pictures with the rocks - totally untouched, straight from the camera!

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