Friday, February 4, 2011

30 for 30 - day 4

See that? That's me being cold for once. Because it was 40° out when I took these.  What are you doing, California!? (I'm definitely not complaining - I love the cold - but I never expect it when it comes.) But the high was in the 60s (as usual) so there was no way I was dressing warmer than this.

This sweater is SO COZY.


tights: Target
necklace: Modcloth (in a grab bag)


This week has actually felt even more repetitive than regular 30 for 30, since I packed a bag and stayed at Tim's for 4 days (you may have noticed that my jeans, skirt, and shoes have each made 2 appearances this week).... Tomorrow, something new - YAY!

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