Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 for 30 - day 9

I finally busted out the shorts! These were probably my most adventurous 30 for 30 piece. I like the look of nice shorts with tights, but I haven't worn it myself, until today! (also, Tim claims that shorts + tights + boots make the wearer look like a hooker, and while I haven't decided whether I believe him yet, I played it safe with flats.)


omg, flyaway hair. I need another olive oil / egg hair mask asap.


tights: Target
Tim says I look like an asshole in this picture. He might be right.

It is obviously another sunny day in San Francisco, although it's not quite so miserably hot, so I'm liking it a little better.

Also, apparently February officially means springtime in California:


  1. "Tim says I look like an asshole in this picture. He might be right."

    Hahaha oh dear, that's kind of funny. I don't think that's attitude you're giving off, so I will just say you look "sassy" ?

    Anyways, I love the tights/shorts/flats. Maybe I'll be brave enough to try that out in 2 months, when it actually gets warm enough here.

  2. i really love those polkadot tights!! i want some now. :)

  3. Cute outfit! I agree, the Bay Area feels like spring already, but I guess we're the lucky ones! =)

  4. Try it, Meredith! If I can, you can :) But yeah, wait for some of the snow to melt....

    mk: yeah. They're super thin so after wearing them once, I got a backup pair to replace them when they inevitably get a run. But, Target! Can't go wrong.

  5. Nice outfit here. I'm jealous that you can wear shorts at this time of the year! ;)

    Books and Looks

  6. Ha, I'd trade with you any day, assuming you are somewhere cold and wintry :)