Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 for 30 - day 23

Guys, I have a confession. I feel like such a bad blogger, but I need a few days off from 30 for 30. For one thing, it's starting to feel like I'm wearing the same 3 outfits over and over, and for another, I am taking this entire week off of work to chill and am not really in the mood for my fancy skirts and my button up (I think I've mostly exhausted my comfy, casual outfits). Expect a return early next week, I hope! Maybe some food posts in the meantime? (no promises)

This too-bright sunlight led to unflattering shadows and awkward facial expressions.


tights: Target



  1. love those tights paired with the denim skirt here! seriously, i love denim skirts like this. you look great (bright-light-squints or not).
    -brittney (fellow remixer...although i totally get that you need a break! enjoy!)

  2. Thanks! I was totally not excited about this outfit, but it helps to know that someone else likes it!! I'll check your blog out, too.