Saturday, February 12, 2011

30 for 30 - day 12

Today's topic: my hair (I'm pretty sure this is going to be a lot more exciting for me than it is for you). You MAY have noticed that it looks exactly the same every day. Except that one day that I got lazy and didn't straighten it. I do put it in a ponytail occasionally, but usually not until halfway through the day (after photo time) and I don't think that looks super great either.

SO! It's time for a change. In the short term, I'm going to make myself do more styles at least some of the time. Pigtails today, yay! And in the long term, I think I'm going to finally grow it out again. I almost tried this a couple months ago and got sick of it being awkward and medium length, and I chopped it off again. But this time, I'm really going to do it! Seriously.

Kendi and Illy are my inspirations. I really hope mine looks half that cute when it's longer!

If you have suggestions for fun ways to style short (and thick) hair, please let me know!!



scarf: Gap

So, after taking all of my photos and putting the tripod away, I realized that I like this scarf a lot more as a circular cowl sort of thing, and I proceeded to wear it this way for the whole day. Here is my one awkward self portrait to demonstrate:



  1. When I clicked on Kendi's blog, I almost died when I saw her most recent outfit (red skirt, striped,cropped sweater, brown boots). How adorable is she/the outfit? I LOVED it. I didn't have time to check out her other looks, but I can definitely see why she's a "style inspiration." Good luck with growing out the hair. Personally, my hair seems to grow faster when I regularly take a multi-vitamin (a gummy or water-soluble brand; most of the normal pills can't be digested).

  2. I KNOW, isn't she adorable? She always dresses really cute, but I think that outfit is my all-time favorite. I SO want a red pencil skirt like that (and I might have a tab open with that awesome cropped jacket, trying to talk myself into/out of buying it...). I'll definitely try vitamins! Good plan!