Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 for 30 - day 15

Just a couple days late... this was my Valentine's Day outfit. No, no red or pink (except for my nails! This is seriously the first time in over a year that they've been red). But cute nonetheless, no? I love this dress for layering. It's a little low-cut with nothing under it, but with another shirt it makes me feel awesome! And work-appropriate :)

I was going to wear this out to dinner, but Tim and I decided to stay in instead, so it became my cupcake baking outfit. A-ok in my book. Sometimes it's nice to remember that fancy dinner reservations aren't the most important thing and that TV and snuggling on the couch can be better than expensive french food. Even if we both did end up with tummyaches from too many calzones/wine/cupcakes. Totally worth it.

tights: American Apparel; earrings: SF street fair

I think I've worn these almost every day since I got them - LOVE.

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